Thursday, February 28, 2008

Caught Cheaten' on Shirley

Wednesday, I went shopping in Port A with Carolyn. It was too cold for any other activities! It got down to 47 degrees out! I have missed shopping with a girlfriend more than anything else so this was such a treat, and Carolyn is fun and nice. So we go to Moby Dick's for lunch and I hear a cell phone ringing off in the distance ... might it be mine? Ah, yup. So I find my phone and call up the message. It is Shirley, she was drivng down Stevenson Lake road and thought of me, and was I out shopping with a friend and having lunch out. Busted.

So the shopping was very good, we went to all the shops that had clothes in the fashion show at the park. JoD's has no iron linen. I found a black linen, A line dress with a vee neck and 3/4 length sleeves. It is so comfortable. The owner found a necklace and ear rings to match and offered them at half price. Happy Birthday to me! At another shop I found very comfortable black plastic sandles. Plastic is so hot at the beach. Some of the shoes are $50.

Then we hit a few other shops in the little mall area. Island Woman Boutique was nice. Lolly Pop Toes was closed. They sell permanent toe rings. I see them a lot. Very cute. Then we drove to Absolutely Everything, and I found a tan cotton shorts and top set. Very comfy and trimmed up nice. They have many darling sun dresses, but I thought they looked too young for me. I got Paul a tee shirt with "My Indian Name is Runs with Beer" on the front. He laughed and and can't wait to wear it at home. After a yummy ice cream cone we went to Pretty Dam Cute at the new strip mall. Their signature brand is very cute indeed, but the tops are too small for me, and the women sizes are huge, and not as cute. Also looked at the Penny Pincher shop and Port A Surf Shop. Both are interesting. All the shop keepers are friendly, small town TX style.

Paul spent the day with Rick the cable guy. They ran to the grocery store and Rick showed Paul how he makes beer can spinners. Paul can supply him with lots of cans. We walked over to visit with James and Roma too. She is making her shell creations for the garage sale on Sat. She is very artistic, they are beautiful, and a great deal of work. So we ordered pizza with them, from the Port A Pizzeria, arguably the worst pizza I have ever eaten. Which is odd, as at the restaurant it is quite good. Not up to Ruckle's Bar standards, but tasty. The pizza must have had sleeping pills in it, Paul and I were both falling asleep at 8:30, went to bed and slept till 6:30 a.m. A new worlds record for me.

Got in two miles on the beach, a most perfect day all around.


julie said...

What are permanent toe rings? Tattoos? Love the shirt for Dad!!

Marjie said...

The rings are a circle like a regular ring, she choses a size for your toe and just pops it on.

Susan has had one for a year.