Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chef Gary cooks venison

On Tuesday, Paul took some frozen venison loin to Gary, the chef at Bernie's Beach House in Port Aransas. He had a plan to marinate it. He did. The recipe is 2 parts pineapple juice to 1 part soy sauce, plus garlic and ginger.

Thursday, with Larry and Katherine, we had a wonderful dinner. He grilled the venison outside, and we tried the Spinach and artichoke chowder, the seafood chowder and gumbo. All were awsome good. Caesar salad is very tasty. He served the venison with rice and a bread stick. We also got a side order of rice and beans with sausage. It is just the best. The beans are smokey flavored, few beans and a lot of beany tasting sauce. Almost like a very tasty, juicy refried beans. I really need to find out what is in it.

So it was a great dinner. Now Paul wants to try the hangover breakfast on Sunday. It starts at noon, it is $10, for a 6 oz rib eye steak, 3 eggs and fried potatoes. Guessing we will split that.

Highly recommend the New Orleans cuisine at Bernie's.

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