Sunday, February 10, 2008

Monsignor Rory at St. Joseph's of Port Aransas

Monsignor Rory filled in at mass again today. Fr. Rory is 84, retired, and very, very Irish. We gave tanks to God and learned about the "team" of the Valentines Dance on Wed. There is no H in his church, ever.

He had some good jokes again. And for the homily he read from Bishop Utner's little black book. Ken Utner was our Bishop in Saginaw for 20 some years, died about 3 years ago, suddenly. The little black book contains a little lesson for each day of Lent. He was very cool. Was nice to see he is remembered still.

Fr. Rory plays golf with parishioners every Monday morning. He said that 2 weeks ago he won $3, but the competition got stiffer and he only won a dollar last Monday.

I wrote the rest of this entry when Mnsg. Rory was in town in January.

He told a joke to begin his homily. One day a man comes in to see his priest and says he is concerned with his hearing, and could Father pray for him. "Oh yes, I have very effective prayers for hearing." So Father puts his right hand on his head and puts his index finger from his left hand in the man's ear. And he prays for 10 minutes. He takes his hand off his head and his finger out of his ear and asks "How is your hearing now?" The man says "Father, my hearing isn't until Wednesday." Ok, Father Rory tells it a lot better, plus he puts his hand on his head and his finger in his ears.

And we sang the special fisherman song, about Jesus with the fishermen, recited the special fisherman poem, about how if you want Jesus to be with you all day in the boat, you have to meet him on shore at sunrise. And a fisherman blessing, when you cast your last line and God catches you, you hope he finds that you are a "keeper." as Fr. Rudy spreads out his arms. He had a good homily, 3 things to remember for a good marriage. Almost everyone in church was over 60, so a little late for all of us. He is just perfect for a small fishing village.

It was great to see him again. He has retired to a cottage someplace north of Rockport.

Kind of makes me want to fish.

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