Sunday, February 10, 2008

Beach and Station Street Grill

We tried a new restaurant for lunch today after church. Well, hardly new. Like many buildings here on the island, the floors slant this way and that. I was in danger of sliding off my bar stool.

After we left church I wanted to eat out someplace for lunch. Then we saw The Beach And Station Street Grill, and a huge parking place! It has been highly recommended by friends. Sounds like a "gimmi." Paul got breakfast and I ordered Country Fried Steak.

If they had more employees show up for work it would have been a good experience. Listening to people carp about the long wait, and their 1/2" thick breakfast steak being "medium well" instead of "medium." was annoying. Another woman whined because they ran out of coffee cream. These people were straight from church and they must have had a long hell fire sermon. They also ran out of fried potatoes, at least she got her fries!

Just as I was going to send Paul for some oj for me, my blood sugar so low I was in danger of really sliding off my bar stool, my salad came. It was beautiful, thin sliced red onion and red pepper, lots of slivered mushrooms. Baby greens. Excellent. My chicken fried steak and baked potato were also very good.

No food comments from Paul, he got tomatoes instead of hashbrowns. His eggs looked ok. His pancake was tasty. I snuck a bite.

I rarely choose a restaurant on account of because the black cloud that descends when I do. My record speaks for itself and still stands.

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