Friday, February 15, 2008

The Birds! The Beach Update

Yesterday was a pretty good beach day, the sea weed is slowly disappearing. Maybe the early invasion was an abberation. A good bubble pop day. Spooky little buggers. Paul took some photos of me and the sea gulls. It is cool to be in the middle of them. They eat the jelly fish that wash up, some value there.

There was a pelican sitting sadly on the sand. Someone even picked him up. I thought he must have gotten some bad fish but last night at the Valentine's Day Dance one of the guys mentioned that a pelican picked up and flew off with a fisherman's knife at the jetty. Swallowing an open knife would make a bird feel blue.
Last year a group of jetty fishermen rescued a pelican who was wrapped in old fish line, he was starving so they gave him a bologna sandwich. Said pelican was devoted to them for the rest of the season, walked around behind them as they fished. Which all the pelicans do, but it was cute all the same.

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