Monday, February 18, 2008

Big day on the town

Up date on the helicopter and electric wires: While we were fearfully driving under this drama, the first three rows of RVs and the club house had been evacuated. ???

Today we drove into Corpus Christi for some shopping. Sunny and very windy today. Blew us along the road nicely. Did some shopping, Paul got some great deals on clothes at Steinmart. Guys clothes are always so much nicer than ladies clothes. Also way cheaper. Imagine going into a store and finding pants and shorts that fit exactly, and then there is a whole rack of shirts that match, fit, and look good. At 75% off. I found a tank top at Marshalls. Wow. Paul got a new summer wardrobe.

Lunch at Friday’s, thanks Julie and Sean. HEB was fab, as usual. Got some shrimp steamed for cocktail. Today they had cheese samples out that were aged in caves. Huh? It tasted like a cave. Love their roasted turkey breasts. We have sandwiches from it all week.

So we head home after all the shopping excitement. There are huge new cement electric poles all along the road. They must be 70 feet tall, and six feet in diameter at the bottom. A helicopter flew across the road and over the wires and then dropped down and next to the wires. Then two guys jumped down on the skids and over to the pole. Traffic was zooming along the road underneath. There was one pickup with a light on parked under it. It was scary to watch. So we went to the Beach Lodge for some restorative beer.

A mystery solved, The Flats used to be a "gentleman’s club" for gambling and stripers. Hence, no windows in it.

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