Saturday, February 9, 2008

Seaweed alert

Oh drat, the sea weed is early this year. The beaches have been very clean this year, and usually the sea weed doesn't start until well into March. So on Wed. I get to the beach and it is liberally sprinkled with sea weed and tiny, marble sized Portugese Man O War jelly fish. They make a happy bubble wrap pop when you step on them, just make sure you are wearing shoes when you do. They are the poison type of jelly fish, and they have long tenacles that are so very fine and hard to see, they are poison too. It is a pity because they are the most beautiful blue color.

In January there was another invasion of jelly fish, but they were much larger, up to 7 or 8 inches long. Too big to pop just by stepping on. Sounded like a gun shot when a car drove over them.

Port Aransas works manfully, with big machinery, to keep the sea weed off the beaches, but there are miles and miles of beaches. Carolyn tells of the great sea weed invastion of five years ago, she would walk along the shore and could not see over the piles. She is at least 5'5''. Did I mention that it gets smelly too? Yup.

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