Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Update on the Raid and Paul returns to Mexico

On the ride down to Mexico, Paul learned more about the motor home raid. The Secret Service, FBI, and the Royal Canadian Mounties were in it together. The guy arrested was a Canadian who has spent winters at the park since 2001. The Mounties actually drove their cars down here, and the two rigs that left the park (after the raid) had been occupied by the Feds. So one rig was parked across the street from the perp all winter.

Said perp is now housed in the Federal pen in Houston, awaiting trial. His wife is still in their new top of the line fifth wheel, in the park. If they determine that it was purchased with money from their sales, they will take it. Speaking of the money, he was selling boxes used to get all the Direct TV channels, for $400 each. He had sold 1,000, plus he got $25 a month to update each of the boxes. This generated $25,000 a month income. Nice work if it's legal.

Many people in the park had bought boxes. They found them through the files on the computers. They took all their boxes. One guy had bought it the day before, for $400.

Paul had a good trip to the dentist. He has four nice, white temporary caps in the side of his mouth. No pain, no strain. He and Roma will have their appointments on the same day again next time, and I will go too. James said he will shop with me while they are in the chair or waiting. Paul says Roma is a top notch shopper so I see possibilities here for me.

There is a bonus for James and Roma when we go to Mexico with them, Paul and I can each bring out 4 bottles of liquor, since we are Michigan citizens. Texans can only bring one. A nice relationship developing. He bought some more Z packs and some Astelin spray for Susan. It is half of her co-pay cost.

They ate lunch at a nice, clean restaurant next to the dentist office. Paul said the tacos were great. James had a nacho that looked good, but he has the Texas crud that is going around and wasn't much hungry. Roma won't eat much more than some nachos and cheese in Mexico, but the pina colada's are safe apparently.

James is a fishing boat captain, specializing in shark fishing. He is trading up boats to a 42 foot boat from a 28 foot. The new one holds 200 gallons of fuel instead of 100 gallons, so he can go twice as far out in the gulf. Paul is real interested in going fishing with him. He used to be a professional bass fisherman, fishing every weekend. Got to get some sea sick patches for Paul the next time we are in Mexico. Maybe they will catch an amber jack for me!

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