Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mardi Gras Port Aransas Style

Katherine and Larry invited us along to the Mardi Gras Parade in Port Aransas on Tuesday. We went to Bernie's, a favorite watering hole, and the gang was saving seats. There was Billy Ray and Sherry, from Tulsa, OK, (owners of Billy Ray's Bar B Q, would love to see his tv ads) also Frank and Denise, and Bill and Vicky, all from Colorado. Billy had on OK formal wear, bib overalls.

Gary, the chef at Bernie's, had made Annie Beans and rice, with rolls. Free for the customers. It was very good. The beans had large pieces of sausage and onions and green peppers in it. His rice is always excellent. He cooks New Orleans style, not cajun. The food is tasty, not burning. Paul brought him a couple packs of frozen venison that he is going to cook for us on Thursday. He is going to marinate it in a pineapple/Hawiian mixture. I think he is going to use a roux for the base and serve it on rice. Something like the Craw fish Etouffee. I surely wish the spell check worked. Bernie's Beach House Bar gets better every year. It is clean and open and not smokey, unless you are playing Texas Hold 'Em in the poker rooms.

The parade was the usual charming, small town affair, with the added bonus of drunks flinging cheap beads at us. I got good at ducking, they sure sting. I did get a tee shirt from The Gaff. Another bonus of being spryer than almost anyone else, and sober. Many old guys in the parade had ROMEO shirts on, which means "retired old men eating out." The male version of the Red Hat Club. Guess they are everywhere. It was news to us.

After that we went to The Gaff for meat ball sandwiches. Which were pretty darn good. They have excellent pizza too. The Gaff was full of pirates, which has been their theme forever, and their parade float was pirates too. Grandson Charlie would have loved it. Aaargh was the pass word. Lots of grog and ale consumed. The Gaff is a small shack of a bar, they cook in a toaster oven. It is pretty clean for Port A.

There is no end to the joy of living in a truly red neck town. No pretensions, just regular folks having fun. Eating red meat and drinking beer. Life is good.

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