Monday, February 18, 2008

Beach News

Sunday was the perfect beach day. Sunny, big waves and little wind. Paul is a little red. He looked lobsterish in the hot tub. Good walking day, I went 3.5 miles.

There was an article in The Caller-Times about the beach clean up, teens doing good deeds. It said:

" The shoreline is cluttered with small blue material -- Portuguese men-of-war that were thrashed into pieces by changing tides and currents. ...... There is no need to pick up the sea whip, a thin cord-like colony of coral broken from the sea floor that also washes ashore this time of year. It's easily mistaken for being yellow insulated wire."

The sea wire is very strong and has a thin black "wire" inside it. I can't break it. I first saw it after Katrina, and thought it was wire washed ashore, like many other products that floated in. I am sure that they come in red and black too. I am going to get some photos of this stuff to post.

Well, the sun is starting to come over the dune. A beautiful morning.

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