Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fashion show

Today was the park fashion show. They showed casual island clothes from four local shops. They were pretty cute. I am going to take my 15% off coupons and go shopping on Friday. Before the modeling, we had a potluck lunch. It was salads, breads and desserts. Many very, very good salads. Even a popcorn salad. Many had chicken and fruit and nuts and other stuff that is tasty by nameless. I am all inspired to make interesting salads now. Two friends, Juli and Debbi modeled. I am going to put their photos up.

Paul and Rick the cable guy went on a road trip to Aransas Pass. They had some good Bar B Q and went to a western hat and belt store. Rick taught Paul a lot about buying hats, since they wear cowboy hats in OK.


julie said...

Don't buy anything too shiny!

Stephanie said...

Did Dad get a cowboy hat?
Did he tell him he already has one made of straw that has a green sun visor on it too?

Marjie said...

No, Dad didn't buy anything. He was learning for when we go to Mexico on Friday. He wants one of those belts with silver "conches" on it. And I believe it is mostly leather, not much silver.

I am interested in the wash and no iron linen that they had in one shop. It looked classic.