Monday, February 4, 2008

What I learned at Happy Hour

Always learning new stuff from our old friends. Sunday there was the usual crowd for happy hour at Rex and Nellie's driveway. Since it was Super Bowl Sunday, there were a lot of snacks set out. There are at least 20 chairs circling the driveway, one couple is mid 60s, the rest are 70s +, and this group has a heavy drinking reputation. So basically, we are hanging with the drunks. Old drunks. It feels like home somehow. I know that Nellie and I have water or ice tea in our sippy cups most of the time.

On Feb. 11, Paul is riding with friends to Mexico, Roma has an appointment just after Paul's at the same dentist. I have asked him to pump Jim and Roma about shopping there. Maybe she will take pity on him and help him shop. We are still learning the ropes. The designer purses looked good, but I didn't think they would be so expensive. The big ones were $80. The Rolex watches were $125. I would like one that works, but that seems excessive. I am naturally cheap.

Keep hearing about lots of drugs they purchase. There is a cream that you rub on a sore joint and the pain goes away. They buy a cream for cold sores that works great. Also a penicillin cream. Many of our older friends here have ultrasound machines that are hand held, you rub it on the sore joint and the pain eases. I think they order them online. I am telling you, sometimes it is good to be the baby.

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