Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Birthday Bash for Paul

We didn't plan anything for Paul's 60th birthday, pretty much we are going to ignore birthdays until we are 75, then we shall see. Virginia and Tony invited us down for dinner with their family. Noel and Jessica are moving to Nashville this week, so her mom was there too. All very nice. Tony grilled pork tenderloin, most excellent and tender and tasty. A great meal. They planned a surprise of birthday cake, ice cream, pie. A wonderful carrot cake from Costco. A great surprise and very nice of them.

We had some great boat rides on their new party barge. It is a huge pontoon boat and has canvas roofs over the entire boat. So nice when the sun is hot.

Also at their cottage was Betty and George and Jack and Rosy, all the fun is running together now.

On Sunday, we grilled filet and I made salad and twice baked potatoes for dinner, and we ate alone! This was a great weekend, we would drive down to visit around in our golf cart, and neighbors were always showing up to see us too.

And best of all --- it finally got hot and we got out the tubes for some swimming. Some years we are in the lake in late April. This is the latest ever. Not a very warm summer here.

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Stephanie said...

What a lovely weekend!!