Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Monday Dinner Party

Monday we had Father Patrick and the Boyles for dinner. Virginia made her wonderful salad, with Irish cheese on top. Paul grilled turkey tenderloins. I made Koenig potato salad with bacon in it. Steamed fresh sweet corn and wonderful ciabatta rolls to fill out the menu. Strawberry sundae's for dessert. Turned out great. I even picked flowers from my garden that matched the room. Yay for orange lilies!

Fr. Patrick has been our priest for 3 years. He gives the best homilies. Bishop Utner taught him how to compose them. (he also wrote a book about it, the title is something like "Better Preaching", quite popular with priests) . Anywho, he keeps it short and to the point and as he loves history, teaches us too. I have been trying to get him to put them on the internet, but he doesn't write anything down. And he is modest. He did say they are getting a parish website in the fall. He said he could write them out after he preached, I suggested a pod cast or just record them. They are too good to be lost. Paul and I actually remember, and can discuss them even 5 or 6 days later. Trust me, that never happened before.

Fr. Patrick loves Halloween. He decorates his house every October, it takes a month, and has it open for tours for several days around the 31st. He has a cob web machine that hooks up to an air compressor and blows them out. Also a fog machine. He is also a big fan of ghosts. Watches Ghost Hunters, etc. He is going to Gettysburg this week for a vacation and hopes to record some ghostly activity. He actually did a ceremony to rid a house of ghosts once. I didn't think ghosts were a Catholic thing, but since there is a ceremony for it .... it must be. Very, very interesting.


Stephanie said...

A priest who is into ghosts? That's the craziest thing I've ever heard. Very interesting. I guess they are people too, lol!
Very pretty room!!

Andrea said...

Very pretty.