Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ghosts at Gettysburg

After mass today I asked Fr. Patrick if he ran into any ghosts on his vacation to Gettysburg. He said no, but he had an interesting experience. He stayed after closing time in an area that is know for strange occurances. Cell phones don't work, watches stop, cameras don't work. He was about 200 yards from his car, in the dark, he set his 3/4 full Gator Aid on the ground and took some pictures. When he got back to the car he noticed he forgot his drink. Using his camera as a light, he walked back for it. There was about half an inch left in the bottle, which was still capped. Pretty cool.


Stephanie said...

I did not know ghosts like Gatorade. I will file this tidbit away.

Marjie said...

Ya gotta wonder

julie said...

The question isn't whether ghosts exist, it's whether Fr. Patrick drank the backwash or not?