Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dancing Angels

Have to comment on Thursday nights "So You Think You Can Dance" results show. First, this is the last show I ever thought I would watch, and love! Cyndi hooked me on it. The talent is amazing and with TiVo I don't have to listen to the judges unless I agree with them. And generally they are positive and not insulting.

Anyway, Mia, a judge, took the week off from judging and choreographed a dance for the last five lady contestents. I didn't even recognize them because they all had very long hair with intricate braiding, unusual makeup and were in cute little costumes that had an angel look to them. Turns out, they were dancing angels. They started out sitting on the curved edge of the stage,just swaying. The music was Celine Dion singing "Ava Maria." Incredible dance. Amazing. Very powerful.

If you can watch TV on your computer, it was on Thursday night on Fox. Early on in the show, maybe 10 minutes into it. Also, way back (may have been the first competition show), perhaps the last week in June, the first couple dancing on the show was incredible. Their dance was rightly described as a scene from Tim Burton's wedding, very beautiful and unusual.


Marjie said...

What? No one watches So you think you can dance? it is really good

Marjie said...

I just checked on Fox and they don't put up episodes of this show on the net to see. Seems like they should. Sorry about that..

Andrea said...

I watch from time to time but only a few minutes at a time. Not sucked in yet.