Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lake Parties for the 4th of July

Always party time at the lake, especially for the fourth. Brenda had a pre party Thursday night featuring her great Latvian "peedogs" (ham, bacon and onion wrapped in bread dough and baked), crab stuffed mushrooms, fruit, veggies, etc. It was a beautiful evening on the deck. On Friday it was more food, potato salad, slaw, etc, and Paul was the grill master of brats and burgers. Pete brought some hot dog cony sauce from Sparties in Lansing. Very good.

Jean hosted a party for John's 91st birthday, et al. Also very good. I posted a photo of the beautiful, exotic Maria, home from south America. Has a great job in DC at the Newsusum ?? When they interviewed Obama there, she took photos. She was very impressed.

There was fireworks over the lake for more than an hour. Not that we were awake to watch it. We had a feast a thon all day and were zonked out.

Brenda's sister got her a walker with a horn and a basket (for the beer) and a house coat to wear. A hoot. Brenda used to work at the Clare bowl-a-rama as a bartender on weekends. She has a wide variety of interesting friends.


Ryan said...

Great pictures. I know you'll hate this but can you take some more of you and Dad. Charlie kept requesting, "More Grandma." He was quite pleased. Plus in your blog I can click on them and make them big which he loves.

Marjie said...

That is so sweet. I love "more grandma"

Stephanie said...

Brenda is starting to look like Mrs. Beckett with that walker and house coat! too cute!
I could die for a peedog right now. mmmmm