Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crystal Lake Campground and Big Fish

Paul didn't take the camera on the fishing trip, and he was glad because it was so rough on the lake. When they were in between waves all he could see was water. So we have no pictures of the 15 pound king salmon. We do, however, have a pic of the 15 pound king salmon fillets. Big fish sticks.

On Thursday night we ended up at the obscure Crystal Lake Campgound near Ludington. It was on Hackert Lake. The directions in the camping book were totally wrong. Took 2 phone calls to get there. It was a nice little lake, lots of permanent sites at the camp, very quiet.

Driving home on Friday, we stopped and played nine holes of golf near Evert, and then had lunch at the local Moose Club. Very good food.

Good to be home, except for unpacking and that didn't take long. Jeff kept our flowers alive while we were gone.

Beautiful weekend at the lake, 80s and dry with a nice breeze. So good to lose the humidity.

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