Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beautiful PA

We had a fairly easy drive from Gettysburg to Newberg, NY, on Tuesday. Made the trip in 5 hours, as advertised. Pennsylvania was so beautiful, lots of hills and mountains and red trees. On US 81, there were many times that we were on an elevated road so we were driving through the tree tops. Driving through Scranton was pretty easy, it was early afternoon, very little traffic. Once we got into NY on US 84, the beautiful color disappeared and it was mostly green.

We hit the grocery store and bought grilling foods for dinner. Found the hidden key to get into Katie's house, and made ourselves homely. Her house is very, very nice, but so much more work to do. In NY, builders don't put up the towel bars, etc. Or provide them. And you know how tricky that can be. All the windows still have tags on them, and I am too short to reach them. The ceilings are quite high and the kitchen cupboards are hung high, as is the microwave. I feel ever so short. Katie has a step stool in the kitchen. Lots of windows and good light. The rooms have good proportions, and all the floors are wood. No pictures on the walls yet. They are going to be unpacking and pounding for months yet.

Her backyard is wooded, and this is a rocky area, so it is grass and rocks. Very pretty red maples. All the trees have bright red poison ivy vines clinging to the trunks. That will be a problem to get rid of. Mark has been working on them.

On Thursday we want to go to West Point for a tour, Saturday Mark and Paul are going to the Army game there, Katie and I are shopping. Sunday we are all taking the train into NYC. Sounds like fun.

Katie lives in the country and there is a vineyard right across the street. Also many orchards and farms. Very desirable area. Pics tomorrow!

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