Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Go round and round the mountain

That's what we did all day today. It was a beautiful sunny day with enough puffy white clouds to put great shadows on the mountain sides. We drove over with a side trip to Clingmans Dome, the highest point in TN. That specific point is a half mile up hill. Paul made it, I got too hungry and bailed. It was very windy and freezing too.

We drove into NC and through the Cherokee Reservation. It looks a bit poor around there. Then we went south and west circling the park. Started on 28 then on 19. Many many curves and turns, slow driving. Very beautiful. One road, 19, was all banked so it drove like a race track. Very few cars on it but the motorcycles loved it. There were two bike camp grounds and one bike resort. The name was Dragon Tail or something. Fontana has a big biker festival this weekend. Guys on crotch rockets just flew by us.

And apparently gas is now a problem. Gas stations in NC were out of gas, and when we got back to Galtlinburg some of the stations were out.

On the up side, we saw great beauty today. Pics tomorrow.

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