Sunday, October 12, 2008

New York City

We had a great trip to NYC today with Katie and Mark. We took the commuter train in, an 85 minute ride. Lots of scenery of the Hudson River and the clifts across it. Colors are turning fast. The flag picture is the front of the New York Stock Exchange. Just above is the Empire State Building. Then a pic of Katie and Mark on the top of the bus, and the next is a pic of Pier 15 on the waterfront. The weather was perfect. We took a city bus tour I know that we will do it again, maybe get game tickets or show tickets and spend the night. My feet are sore from all the cement walking.. The city was much nicer than I expected, clean and tidy, friendly people.


VAMOM said...

Because Margie writes this and not Paul she has neglected to share a very interesting phenomenon. Whenever Paul goes to a football game the team he is going to see WINS! This is pretty amazing since you are talking Notre Dame, Virginia and WEST POINT! Keep up the good work Paul! So whenever you hear about an amazing college upset and catch a glimpse of the stands...look for Paul. (We need to send him to more Notre Dame games!.
Have fun on the rest of your journey. We sure enjoyed having you stop and see us!!

Marjie said...

Paul's Irish mother always said he was under a lucky star. He wins at poker and slot machines quite often. And have you heard of the "Koenig spot?" The parking spot that is always in the front row, waiting for him to turn in. If you are sure it is there, it will appear. He is very good at beating the odds.

We had a great time in VA with you, thanks for the hospitality.