Saturday, October 11, 2008

Colorful Catskill Mountains

On Friday we decided to drive up 9W to Kingston and then take route 28 across the mountains. It turned out much more complicated than it should have. We had Katie's Garmin, and an atlas map, seriously lacking in detail. So we got turned around and drove through the heart of Kingston while the high school thugs were on lunch hour. We managed not to run any of them over. We did find a nice Diner, one of those chrome palaces. It was very clean and the food was good and fast. We split a Philly Cheese wrap with fries. They were real fries and it was so hot we couldn't eat them until they cooled a bit. How often is the food to hot to eat? Usually it is cool by the time you get it.

Anywho, finally we got on 28. There was very little traffic, and it was peek color. The hills looked like puffy patchwork quilts. We ended up driving much farther than we planned, 175 miles, as the roads I chose to go south on weren't there. Except for on that was pretty bumpy. So we went straight west across the Catskills then south and then east back to Milton.

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