Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mid Week Update Whine

It has been snowing here! Nothing is sticking but still, it is much too early for snow. And raining too. Since last Saturday our days have been weird. First it is raining, then 30 seconds later the sun is bright, by the time I get my shoes and jacket on for a walk, it is very windy and raining again, dark clouds overhead, 4 minutes later it is sunny again. If I pay serious attention I can squeeze in two ten minute walks in a day. And cold, did I forget to mention it is cold? Paul has a fire going in the fireplace all day. Which was great when I was laying sick on the couch with Swimmer's Ear. Very annoying. Made me cranky and tired, just painful enough to wake me up often. Finally found some old expired ear drops, didn't seem to work. Called my doctor office and they never got back to me. Whine.

I had to cancel my all day Monday shopping trip with my friend, Diana. Too tired and crabby. That hurt. I need some pants that aren't baggy. I need to start Xmas shopping, since most of our holiday will be at Thanksgiving. I need my daughters and sons to hint what they want for gifts. Apparently I have an endless need to whine. My blog, all about me.

Except that George Burt died Friday night. He is the father of our long time friend and neighbor, Virginia Boyle, and handy guy Shane's grandfather. George was one of the lake huggers, he always had a joke and a hug. When you live with the same neighbors for 24 years, you just kind of blend into family. Paul and I went to the funeral home Monday night and the funeral on Tuesday with John and Jean Villa, the senior members of the the lake community. They drove home on Sunday, to the Detroit area, and drove back Monday afternoon just to be there. It was raining, and snowing and blowing, and nothing stopped them. What a way to be 91.5 years old! Just John, Jean is much younger, certainly not a senior Stevenson Laker.

Last week Shane was telling us a story of Grandpa Burt, he was a Marine in WWII, and was in the battle of Anzio in Italy. He built their home from scratch, and it was done perfectly. Now we know where Shane got his patience and talents! Tuesday was George and Betty's sixty-third wedding anniversary.

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julie said...

Sean and I don't need anything this year, just get some fun stuff for the kids. I'm sure they will give me a list soon...