Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gatlinburg, Day One at the Aquarium

The Ripley Aquarium in Gatlinburg is rated number one in the country, we were very impressed. Lots of information about each display, interesting shows, big sharks -- 12 foot-- and a very long underwater tunnel. The above pic shows a waterfall at the top, tumbling into a tank of catfish and ciclids, etc.

Another pic shows a shark being fed. They feed them four times a week, so the little guys don't get eaten. Very interesting. For the grands, there is a pic of Grandma petting a sting ray.
Guess this is all the pics I'll get on today.
Anyway, it was great fun, then we shopped a bit and found a nice place to eat, Legends, and I had Chicken Parm and Paul had minestroni soup in a bread bowl. And we shared of course. It was good. I always like Italian food when we travel.
We also went to the National Park and got a map and took a trip up to a gap. This is a free park! How nice. There are lots of bears in the area. We want to hike some today, and I must admit I am more afraid of Tics than bears. Have to find out if they have them here.


Stephanie said...

A wedding ring might help, but you should walk around with your arms around each other and one hand in the others back pocket.
Slip tongue when possible.

Stephanie said...

whoops, wrong blog, lol.

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