Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gettysburg, PA

We had a beautiful day at the Gettysburg National Park. We took the bus tour, very good, our guide had been giving tours for 25 years. We went to the movie and the just opened Cyclorama, which was excellent. And we went through the museum. The pic of paul is on top of Little Round Top, and I am on the rocks at the bottom of Devil's Den.

We now have some understanding of the battle, what happened and why. The town is charming and interesting. I had no idea that this area was so hilly and beautiful. We have never been in this area, really from the Smokies up to New York, a pleasant surprise that it is such a picture! I like it better than the rockies for touring, the green hills are so pretty, there is just a start of red in the trees, next week should be excellent viewing.

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