Sunday, September 21, 2008

Golf and Churrasco on Saturday!!

What a great day. Weather man said rain, and it didn't, just enough sun to burn Bev's nose. Not too sweaty, not too chilly. We had a tee time for golf at Boyne Mt. Big bucks and a very beautiful and hard golf course. Paul and Roger would have enjoyed it, but Bev and I would have been exhausted and frustrated. At breakfast Roger picked up a free tourist magazine and found a little golf course that cost $25 for 18 holes. Much easier, less crowded, a third of the cost. Still pretty and fun, we played best ball. I think Paul and I used all of my drives. My shots don't go that far but they are usually straight.

Now for the food portion of the day ... we ate breakfast at a clean little cafe, Betty's in Boyne Falls. Had a sweet little waitress named Marjery, good sausage and eggs. I got a sandwich to go for the golf course. Have to stay fueled up. We also got hot dogs at the course. It is so easy to make a good hot dog, why not go beyond slapping a limp wiener in a stale bun? We would have stayed there and drank longer, but the waitress was too disinterested in our glasses. FYI the golf course is Spring Brook near Walloon Lake.

After golf we went back to the Eagles for drinks. Roger wanted to eat at the benefit they had going on there but he took one for the team and we went to Red Mesa Grill for dinner. Bev and I were looking forward to Mexican food all day. Drooling actually. That is my favorite place in the area. It is more a Latin American cuisine, and in the fall the speciality is Brazilian Churrasco. Which is grilled meat. Very tasty with interesting sauces, marinades and spices. We split a appetizer, shrimp stuffed with chilies and Montery Jack cheese. Beyond yum. Paul and I split the mixed grill churrasco, which was a big sausage, pork tenderloin and skirt steak. We got a very interesting salad each, mixed greens, pickled baby carrots, a few random beans. New tastes welcomed. Our main dish was excellent. fresh veggies, grilled potato slices and fried plantains. Roger and Bev ordered the flank steak only, and it was the hottest meat on the grill. Not hot really, but Roger is more of a meat and burrito guy. He was a good sport and gets extra brownie points for not whining. As usual the chips and salsa were excellent. We sat on the porch overlooking the Boyne River. Quieter and warmer than inside, better all around for us. Forgot to mention the pitchers of Dos Equi beer with limes. Oh, my favorite beer ever. It always reminds me of eating at Manuel's in Green Valley with my brother Dave and wife Val. More fun times.

Then we went back to the Eagles for the dance portion of the evening. The band was good, but so loud that it reset my heart beat. That can't be good. Paul and I sat in the quieter room and talked and Roger and Bev did some dancing.


Andrea said...

Love the pictures. Charlie loves to see Grandma playing ball.

Marjie said...

good, going to play more today, will take the camera. Forgot it yesterday and we saw a 60+ foot sail boat going through the draw bridge in Charlevoix.

Ryan said...

Amazing how addicting the whole golf thing can be. Before last week, I hadn't picked up a club in 2 years. Work treated us to a round at Blackthorn (a really nice course) for our good sales during the quarter. I was dreading it, thinking that I would stink, but out of the 10 of us that golfed, I wound up playing probably second best. Now, I really want to play a couple more times this year at least. Addicting.

Marjie said...

Especially addicting when you play well. Always a nice walk in the grass.