Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nature Study

So here I sit at 6 am, looking out my window at the horizon gently turning coral and grey, just above is Venus and to the right is a tiny fingernail of moon. Last Friday when the sun rose it ran up the side of the dune at the perfect angle and launched into the sky. On Saturday I ran out with my camera but it apparently only happens one day in the spring. Very cool.

Monday night the wind was so bad we pulled in the slides on the motor home. A cold front came through and yesterday was sunny with a cool breeze. I saved my walk on the beach for afternoon so it would be warmer. Paul came back from his beach walk with the news that it was a great day for shelling. He had found a lot of barnacles and shells for Roma. We take the loot over to her and we all end up with James driving us down in the golf cart for more. The ocean was the quietiest we had ever seen, it was much warmer than in the park, and no wind at all. This beach is protected from the NW winds by the dunes. Man, it was perfect. Wish we had figured that out sooner.

Roma uses the barnacles and shells, etc for her sea art. The barnacles are white and a pastel fushia. ?? Not sure about the color name. I will get a photo. We found many tiny crab shells, and other shells. I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera.

There were disgusting things washed up all over the beach. Huge transparent jelly fish. Not the poison type. They look like enormous "see through" cow pies. Lots of sticks and sea weed leaves washed in and were covered by brown squishy live things, shaped like fat tubes, 2 " x 2". I don't have the words to describe them, except it would spoil your dinner. No, I am not swimming in the ocean any time soon. It is interesting and I spent a lot of time poking things with sticks.

Actually after hearing James talk about catching 9 foot sharks right off the shore here I am in no mood to swim anyway. He hires out to take people out in his boat to shark fish. Held the TX record for Hammerhead Shark for 13 years. Caught it off the jetty 3 miles from here. There are shark attacks on people here, but more are hurt from sting rays.

Today looks like a good beach day, I will get photos.

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These are the things I need to remember when drooling over homes in Coastal Living.