Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Plugger Story

Our RV park is full of pluggers, those middle class, 60+, folks with belly fat and a baseball cap. This is one of their stories.

Mavis, Bob and Jim drive over to the Big Fisherman in Rockport for the $3 Chicken Fried Steak special on Tuesday. On the way back, on a road crowded with other satisified pluggers, a car passes three other cars in the double line no passing area. When they reach the ferry line to cross over to Port A, Bob notices that the crazy driving car is right next to them. So he gets out and taps on the driver's window. A 30 something woman. He starts to explain to her how dangerous it was for all the other drivers when they passed in the no passing zones. She starts to roll up the window. He says if you don't listen to me I will call 911.

She rolls up the window and her passenger, a man about a head shorter than Bob, gets in his face about it. Big deal. He gets back to his car and calls 911 and reports the car, license plate number etc. The scoflaws get on a ferry, Bob gets on the next one. By this time everyone is real interested in this story. It's a small town after all. It was brave of Bob to confront them, but as there are plenty of guards, and they were blocked in by many cars, not a real threat. Not fool hearty. Paul disagrees and thinks it was crazy and he could have gotten shot. Good point, it is Texas and there are plenty of guns around.

Suddenly, the other ferry turns around mid channel and returns to the Aransas Pass side. The excuse being that one of the trucks had too many gas cans in it. And there was the police waiting for the car. They had to arrest them on that side as the other side was a different county. You so seldom clearly see someone getting justice. Go Bob.


Stephanie said...

I can't say I wouldn't do something like that either. There's something satisfying about someone getting theirs.
Way back when I was 17 I was at Kroger. It was opening day for deer and these two hunters rolled out of the store cartoon drunk (where you could practically see the booze permeating around them) I think they bought a keg and put in the back of the pickup. Anyway, I called 911, and by the time I caught up to them the police had them pulled over, and they were both out of the truck, lying down (passed out style) on the curb. This was the middle of the afternoon. Very satisfying, yet anonymous. It's much more scary when you have to face up.

julie said...

Yes, Texans and guns, which is why I never directly got involved with the domestic abuse next door in SA, let the cops sort that one out. I did call in license plates once after the drunk drove through our yard but they didn't catch up to him. What's another drunk down there anyway? Yes, very nice that finally someone got their due.