Sunday, March 2, 2008

Trout Street

Sun and clouds today in the 70s. After church, which was very entertaining tanks to Fr. Rory, we met the usual suspects at Trout Street for lunch. We were celebrating Susan’s parents 50th Wedding Anniversary, our 39th, last month; and Javier and Susan’s 18th next month. We had never eaten there, had heard various opinions of the food, and it looked expensive. Lunch was super and not as expensive as dinner - around $10 .
It is a beautiful building full of windows, overlooking the harbor. We sat on the porch watching the cabin cruisers moored on the docks. The spinach and bacon salad was very good. It had the hot dressing that is so good. The house dressing is a ranch with pecans. I had broiled shrimp in butter with bread crumbs, rice pilaf, and vegetables. Very good and fresh. Paul had a prime rib sandwich, which was prime in all ways. Carlene had the coconut shrimp. We shared chocolate cheese cake, about 4 inches tall, with an inch thick cookie crust topped with a half inch of fudge, covered with sauce. It was very, very good. Also had a bite of the key lime pie, tart and creamy. Oh, and a hot appetizer of artichokes, and shrimp in a creamy sauce with taco chips. Yummy good. -

Then we went over to Robert's Park and watched Susand and Javier and Carlie fish. Carlie caught a small ray. I was knitting on a new sweater for Patrick.


julie said...

Anna wants to know if Carlie kept the ray and put it in a fish tank. I told her probably not... No fair teasing me with food descriptions like this, I had Wendy's twice this weekend which is twice more than I should have.

Stephanie said...

That cheesecake sounds like heaven!

Marjie said...

I can make the spinach salad with the bacon Vinaigrette I got at HEB, love that.

Chocolate cheese cake was awsome. Had 2 bites. OMG.

Can't wait to go back there.

Marjie said...

Rays are pretty dangerous. Javier held the tail down with a tool as he took the hook out. If you get hit with the barb it is instant, deep infection. And lots of pain.

There are a lot of creepy things in the ocean.

julie said...

Yes, we like Lake MIchigan better for creatures. Also, I love the new profile photo!! Cute dress and necklace, plus great background. We could use a shot of the ocean right about now.

By the way, the little "type in the letters" to post thing is the most taxing puzzle I do all day. ha

Marjie said...

Yes, What is that font?